Founded in 1998, through a long process of investments, research and studies, trades wholesale and retail over 4000 items for profiles of aluminum and plastic, iron and their by-products, throughout the Balkans.

Our cooperation with researchers , designer, architect, manufacturer of doors and windows, technicians of CNC machines, has given us the pleasure to launch in the market, the highest quality products at the best price.

Our goal is to operate efficiently and with integrity throughout the Balkans, thanks a qualified and ambitious staff, to be known as the best, in the eyes of our customers, suppliers and employees.

K-AKS shpk, is located in all major cities of Albania such as Kosovo and Montenegro with 13 sales warehouses and the introduction in production from 2015, in our factory of 9500 m2, of a wide range of items of PVC, steel, aluminum, strengthens our dominant positions in the market.



Inovation and constant improvement
It takes courage to be ahead of times. We don’t have to be afraid of change. Constant improvement is a process built step by step with medium to long term effects; a process which produces progressive and continuous changes.
Collaboration, passion and enthusiasm are the driving force behind our work. Thanks to collaboration and enthusiasm the most innovative ideas are born. As part of a team you can reach goals that you could never achieve alone. It’s passion that guides us, let’s communicate it!
Quality for customer satisfaction
Organizations exists because there are customers that have needs, and their success depends on the ability to satisfy those needs. Customer satisfaction, in turn, depends on the quality of the products/services provided.

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